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Recognition Counselor Training

Emblems Procedures

A trained counselor is required to work with youth on Catholic religious programs of the Ad Altare Dei, Pope Pius XII, Marian, and the Spirit Alive programs.  The Counselor needs to be approved in accord with local Archdiocesan guidelines and follow all Church and/or Scouting youth protection guidelines. All counselors and facilitators should be approved by their parish and a registered leader with either the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scout USA, or Camp Fire USA and be in compliance with Youth Protection guidelines for that registering organization. Every counselor must also complete the required diocesan Volunteer Application, "Safe Environment" training, and other appropriate training from their Parish and Scouting.  Once trained and approved, your term as a Catholic Religious Counselor is indefinite.  You must be an approved, trained Catholic Religious Counselor prior to starting any Emblems or Awards program.


Safe Environment Policy

The vast majority of those who are called to ministry or ordained for service in the church live a committed effort to follow in Christ’s footsteps. It is our hope that the publication and integration of these practices and policies into the life of our organization will allow us all to continue to serve as a community of faith, living the love poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. It is our expectation that each person who reads these practices and policies will accept personal responsibility for adherence to them. It is our belief that God’s goodness and grace supports this work and those called to service as our partners in ministry.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta has policies that all persons working with youth including all Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Camp Fire leaders within the auspices of the Catholic Church MUST complete the diocesan youth protection program – no exceptions.  This includes “Safe Environment Training” (viewing of the diocesan Youth Protection Video and completing the new video form), completing the Volunteer Application, Sexual Abuse Policy, Code of Conduct, Ministerial Standards, Background Check Release, and have Pastor’s approval.  These completed forms are kept by your local Parish.  The Boy Scouts adults will also need to maintain current their BSA youth protection training per council guidelines.  The new diocesan "Intent to Begin" forms have a location for your pastor's signature stating your compliance with the current archdiocese youth protection policies.  These forms are integral in our check & balances for the Archdiocese Youth Protection Program.  Failure to comply with these policies may constitute a “Youth Protection” violation. 


Safe Environment Paperwork:

The Safe Environment forms may be obtained from any parish office. You do not need to download them. However, the complete diocesan program and policies can be downloaded from the Archdiocese of Atlanta web site.   Once the forms are complete, turn them in to the parish office.

*Sexual Abuse Policy

*Code of Conduct

*Volunteer Application (available at your local parish offices)

*Safe Environment Training - Adults (new video form)

*Ministerial Standards

*Background Check Release

*Background Check (completed by your local parish)

If you have questions regarding the diocesan "Safe Environment Program", please contact Susan Stubbs (404) 888-7802.

 Counselor Training: 

To become an emblem counselor, applicants MUST complete and sign all Safe Environment paperwork, have a background check by the Archdiocese Youth Office, and be counselor trained by an emblems counselor trainer.

Upon completion of these steps, your "trained certification" term is indefinite.